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Why Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising?

Did you "build it" but not enough people are coming?  If so, you're not alone.  Tens of thousands of Web sites get a fraction of the traffic and sales that are possible.  Over 80% of all online transactions start with someone typing keyword phrases into a search engine.  Hundreds of millions of searches are conducted each day to find products, services and information.  Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising puts ads for your Web site in front of people looking for what you have to offer on Google and other search engines.  And unlike other forms of advertising, you only pay when someone responds to your ad.  Instead of being in the dark when you advertise in print, on the radio or other methods, results can be tracked to ensure you are getting a positive return on your marketing investment.

Are You "On The MAP"? - Google Place Page Optimization Services

Google Places - Are You On the MAP? If you are a business that serves LOCAL customers and are not appearing as one of the "Lucky 7" pushpins on the MAP on the first page of local Google searches ("cityname yourservice", example: "Miami Dentist" then contact us about a no-cost, no obligation consultation to review your local search presence. Our specialty is helping businesses in highly competitive markets achieve first page results. This requires more effort, more expertise and more "tricks". Our guarantee: If we don't get you page 1 ranking on the Map for terms be both feel are relevant to your business, we will keep working at no additional charge until you do. Period. Contact us for your free consultation to get started on the path to "Local Search Supremacy".

What We Do

WebPromote creates, manages & optimizes 
Pay Per Click search engine advertising 
and Google Place Page MAP listing
campaigns for you.  We utilize Google, Bing, 
Facebook and other PPC sites. Depending 
on your business and goals, we may also 
employ a variety of other Internet marketing 
tools as appropriate.  Although we do not
sell Search Engine Optimization as a
separate service, we include SEO & site
conversion advice free! Each month, we
send you a report regarding  the
performance of your campaign.

For More Details Read Our FAQ.

Our Process

• Understand Your Product(s) & Market
  (Who, what, when & where)
Review Your Web Site
  (to make sure it converts)
Assess the Goals of Your Business
  (sales, leads, branding, etc.) 
Define Profit Margins & Other Metrics
  (acquisition costs, lifetime value, etc.)
Review Your Website
  (visitor conversion analysis & more)
Perform Keyword Research
  (term list, search volume, etc.)
Do The Math
  (ensure positive ROI)
Report Back To You
  (let you know the deal)

Free Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation & research process 
is designed to determine 1 thing:  Can you 
make  money with PPC to get a positive 
return on investment, plain and simple. 
After we do our research we give you a 
proposal with our findings:

• Whether PPC makes sense or not
• Site Conversion & SEO Improvements
• A Proposed starting click budget range
• Estimated clicks, leads, sales & profit
• Other areas that we can be of service

Contact Us For Your Free Evaluation

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