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We've hired 2 different companies before yours to handle our Internet marketing.  Aside from the fact we hardly ever heard from them, we never could measure the results of what we were paying for.

You've not only helped us increase our profits, we can actually get in touch with you when we need, your monthly reports are right on time, and you are very responsive (if not proactive as well!) to enacting changes to our campaign. 

I just wanted to say we appreciate your professionalism! 


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About Us
Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Specialists


About Our Consultants

WebPromote® is a group of Internet Marketing Consultants located in major markets around the country that specialize in creating and managing PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns for small and medium sized businesses to help them harness the power of search advertising.  In short, we know business owners/managers like yourself simply do not have the time to learn the ever changing landscape of Paid Search Advertising as well as all the other techniques and resources available to market your business on the Internet. However, our consultants realize that outsourcing your Internet marketing only makes sense if we can generate a profit to you, after all costs including our fee.  This is why we do not charge to evaluate your company's suitability for PPC first, before we decide to take you on as a client.

Company History

WebPromote, headquartered in South Florida with consultants nationwide, has a history dating back to 1997 as one of the very first companies focused solely on Internet marketing.  You can even check out our very old 1997 Web site through the magic of archive.org (a Web site that archives much of the Web and makes it available for future generations), by clicking here (note: it may take a minute for the page to appear).  In addition to the Internet marketing services we provided back then, we created an e-newsletter that grew to be one of the largest of its kind, with over 200,000 subscribers and monthly issues spanning many years on the latest trends in Web site promotion and marketing.  Today, we focus primarily on Pay Per Click search engine advertising and supplement PPC with a variety of other Internet marketing tools and resources as is appropriate for each client.

WebPromote used to produce WebPromote Weekly, one of the Internet's largest Web Marketing eNewsletters with nearly a quarter million opt-in subscribers. The newsletter is no longer published, but you can find past issues here.

Internet Marketing Newsletter Issues Here


CEO Background

In 1996, our CEO published the very first book dedicated to how to promote and market Web sites.  Prior to that, in 1993 he started one of the first Internet marketing and Web design companies in South Florida.  And in 1995 he wrote and published one of the first books on doing business on the Internet.  Subsequent to selling his Web development company in 1996, he was involved in a variety of Internet based and non-Internet based startups many of which benefitted from his Internet Marketing expertise.  Over the years, he has spoken at many online marketing conferences and conducted dozens of seminars on Internet marketing.  For over a dozen years he has seen and adapted to the rapid changes of the Internet marketing landscape and now oversees all aspects of the company with a key focus on generating positive results for our clients.

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