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We were spending about $200,000 a year between TV, radio and print with essentially nothing spend on Internet advertising (simply because it's something we didn't understand).

As you so well pointed out, our service needs to hit our target customer at a very small window of time where they realize they need our service.  This meant a lot of waste in our ad budget.

By shifting a percentage of our ad budget to PPC, and targeting people who are actually searching online for our service, we are spending the same money overall as before but getting 7x the results!!! I only wish we tried this earlier....


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Client Case Studies
Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Specialists

Because Pay Per Click marketing can be a significant advantage over direct competitors who are not using PPC, we refer to each of our Client Case Studies in Generic form (ie: Client A, Client B, etc.). We can provide client contacts as references upon request after our initial consultation with you. Maintaining your organization's privacy and competitive advantage in the marketplace is of great importance to us.


Client A: Pet Product - Case Study

Manufactures and sells a niche product for pets. They had an associate set up and manage their PPC campaign which consisted of 3 search sites bidding on less than a dozen keywords. They had spent upwards of $6,000 per month on PPC. We took over the campaign at the same fee as their associate, added 2 more PPC sites, expanded their keyword list by 5-fold, reduced PPC costs by 33% to $4,000 per month and increased PPC-tracked sales by 23%. Also advised them on a total new Web site replacement, found a suitable partner vendor to do the site at a very competitive price (all at no additional cost on our end). Overall a greatly improved site with a better ROI for their PPC spend.

Client B: Gourmet Consumer Product  - Case Study

This client put a lot of money into his web site, he built it, but hardly anyone was coming (mainly just the people who he came into contact with and provided his business card and other materials to). We initiated a PPC campaign to focus on his niche beverage product. Online sales have increased 650%.

Client C: Educational Seminars - Case Study

This client puts on 2-3 day educational seminars with experts in the field as instructors. The seminar investment is $1599-$1999. We created a limited budget campaign that generates approximately $10,000 in total profit net of click charges and our fee per seminar.

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Client A

Sites Used:

Google, Yahoo, MSN, Looksmart, Miva and Shopping.com

Client B

Sites Used:

Google & Yahoo only. Provided extensive Web site conversion and SEO advice at no additional charge.

Client C

Sites Used:

Google & Yahoo only. Due to low budget, using highly relevant and targeted terms in campaign to achive high ROI.