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We had someone in-house doing our Internet marketing but by the time I added all the costs involved versus the work (they always seemed busy but sales didn't really increase once things were established) I calculated I could get from an outside firm most of what I was getting from an employee but at less than 10% of the cost.  Fortunately I had a different position open up that the employee transferred to but I had him keep an eye on what you were doing at the same time.  I'm very happy with the results you've gotten and I no longer have the employee looking over your shoulder! Looking forward to your next monthly report :-)


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Our consultants serve clients in their local markets as well as businesses located elsewhere. Scroll down the list to find a WebPromote Consultant near you. If a consultant is not located in your area, contact our corporate office at 954-647-9441 to request your Free Initial Consultation or for more information on our Internet Marketing Services.

WebPromote Corporate Office &
WebPromote South Florida

8255 W. Sunrise Blvd., #118
Plantation, FL 33322
Tel:  954-647-9441
Fax:  1-866-486-4385

WebPromote San Diego
Patrick DePriest
Tel:  619-534-9663

WebPromote Atlanta
Janice Flowers
Tel:  770-815-4997

WebPromote Kansas City
Elizabeth Floyd
Cell: 816-210-7579
24 Hr Info Line: 800-380-9154 x 4630 (INF0)

WebPromote South Central Iowa 
Elizabeth Floyd & Craig Pollitt
Cell: 816-210-7579
24 Hr Info Line: 800-380-9154 x 4630 (INF0)

WebPromote Palm Beach
Beverly Pipes

WebPromote Georgia 
Craig Neidorf

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