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I've really seen sales pick up since you implemented my PPC campaign. It's great to finally see our investment in our Web site start paying off. For nearly a year it just didn't do much in sales as our offline efforts generated most of our business. Now, with your help, things are evening out. Keep up the good work!


WebPromote® - Internet Marketing Services Services
Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Specialists

WebPromote offers several services to assist small and medium sized businesses harness the power of PPC (Pay Per Click) search advertising:

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Campaign Creation & Management

Creating and implementing a PPC campaign can be a challenging task that requires time, research, copywriting, testing and optimization not to mention a solid understanding of how best to convert your site's visitors into sales. Once executed, PPC campaigns require constant monitoring and bid strategy changes. Hiring a PPC specialist to handle your PPC campaigns saves you time and statistics show clients get more relevant clicks and higher conversions. For more details, read our FAQ.

PPC Consulting

We offer consulting services that do not entail us managing the campaign on an ongoing basis. These include:
• Companies who do not have a PPC campaign yet, but want to get started and desire to manage it in-house.
• Companies who already have a PPC campaign, and would like us to review what's being done, whether it can be improvied (more keywords, better bid management, increased ROI, etc.).

We will review an existing campaign or create a new campaign and teach your staff how best to manage it. Although 95% of businesses who engage our services have us manage their campaigns for them, highly local or low-profit-margin type businesses often can make PPC profitable, but only if they do it themselves. For a one-time fee (amount depends on scope of the project but can be as low as several hundred dollars), we can get you up and running and teach you the ropes.

PPC Workshops & Seminars

Periodically we hold seminars and workshops across the country to educate businesses on how to harness the power and cost effectiveness of PPC Search.

Internet Marketing Services (non-PPC)

In addition to the PPC search engines, there are a myriad of Internet marketing tools and techniques available to drive traffic and sales to your Web site. Our primary focus is on Performance-Based Advertising methods. Much of these methods are where you only pay when someone clicks or takes an action (as opposed to impression-based ads where you pay when your ad merely appears on a page regardless of whether someone actually looks at it).  In most cases, once a client's PPC campaign is up and running, we continually evaluate other resources that can be used to accomplish the goals of the client's business, whether that be sales, leads, email list building, or something else.  When we feel there is a benefit to adding another resource to the campaign, we discuss it with the client and very often implement it without any additional fee to us.  This is because your success is our success.

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